Why Borboleta?

I have been a lash artist in NYC for nine years now and I have seen the lash extension industry have a complete make over! Not only have the process and techniques evolved but the last artists have also become more educated and professional. In my opinion I contribute this positive revolution to Kim Jaynes and Borboleta Beauty. She has decided to leave the negativity and competitive spirit behind and support each one of the Borboleta artists with a personal touch that I have never seen in the beauty industry before (I've been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years).

This is why I am still delighted to be a part of Borboleta Beauty as the Master of Artisty. I see first hand the dedication to highest quality by the entire team from the HQ to the educators. I don't know many other companies that have a chemist in-house making sure that the adhesives are the best of the best. The education is like no other and this is what impresses me the most. When I decided to enter the lash business I went to a Lash training and feel I didn't learn much. I was "trained" in one afternoon; handed a certificate and was left to my own devices, I practiced on anybody that would let me until I felt comfortable to begin to charge. I wish I would have had Borboleta when I started! A full comprehensive 2 Day training would have been amazing, not mention have an educator stay in touch with me making sure I was doing well and not completely lost. That would've been priceless!

The constant research done by Borboleta Beauty to give Borby artists the state-of-the-art tweezers is unmatched. The selection of lashes make lashing easier for the artist B, C, D, CC, L+ and flat. There is a type of lash for every type of client. 

All of these reasons are why I use and trust Borboleta in my NYC studio and on my clients. I am always excited to see what Borboleta will produce next. I'm sure it's going to fabulous. I can't wait!