Bye-Bye Makeup, Hello Lashes

While lash extensions are striking enough to stand on their own, a little makeup definitely helps complement those fluttering eyes. We just launched our first ever Makeup Remover, exclusive to Borboleta Beauty. This was specially formulated for Borboleta with lash extensions in mind. Now lash junkies everywhere can safely remove their makeup while keeping their lashes secure.

This lash-friendly makeup remover is water-based and oil-free. It contains ingredients that gently dissolve makeup from eyeliner, mascara, eye-shadow, lips and brows, removing everything but your lashes. Since its ingredients are so gentle and effective it doesn’t cause physical strain on the lash extensions, making for great retention.

The safe makeup remover’s purpose is to eliminate any makeup residue, and it does not replace the lash cleanser, which should be used daily. Use the lash extension makeup remover with one of Borboleta’s cleansing brushes, finishing with a cool water rinse and pat dry.

Our Makeup Remover is a great product to retail to your clients to help improve their retention!

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